Hi guys! I'm EMO teen Kaira, I just turned 18 but i'm NOT a virgin. I'm from Czech Republic and my boyfriends say I'm a perfect example why Czech girls are the hottest! I always wanted to have some private place of mine where I would post my personal pictures, share my thoughts about sex and, of course, talk to my fans! I'm not here to make money for college or smth like that. I simply want to become the most popular EMO girl on the net & I'm willing to do anything for it! And i mean anything ;-) So... step inside and let's get to know each other!

I love to record on video my daily life - you will find a lot of naughty and funny videos inside. All my pictures and videos are truly amateur cos I shoot them myself or ask my friends to photograph me! Many guys think i'm an emo girl because I'm wearing a lot of dark eyeliner but I hate being labed as anything (also, I don't like when ppl confuse me with a goth! well, maybe I'm really EMO?!... hahaha :-D ) I like piercing and tats and i want to proove you it's VERY sexy! Yeah, i'm a big TROUBLE MAKER too!

Kaira + Julie

Kaira + Kate

Bathroom Fun

Kaira + Alli

Kaira + Ellen