I know many of your prefer videos over pictures so I've prepared a lot of videos for you! Some videos are 640x480 (I recorded them with my small photocamera just to show you my daily life: as I put make-up, take shower or exercise). Also I bought myself new HDV camera so all my girl-girl movies & the most sexy stuff comes in high definition: 1280x720. All my videos are 100% downloadable & ready for you to enjoy!

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video: Kaira + Kate = LOVE=)
Kate is EMO teen too. She's even more EMO than me. She dresses up & looks like a typical suicide girl and she's a GREAT KISSER!
video: Naked chat=)
I love chatting with my friends and sometimes i get very flirty and horny in process and can't control myself!

video: Make-up=)
Wanna know all secrets of my beauty? Watch me putting make-up & getting prepared for shooting session!
video: My new tattoos=)
I had 4 new tats today! Small but SEXXXY! Let me show you where exactly ;-)) p.s. post your opinion about my tats on my forum!

video: Smeared in chocolate=)
Love chocolate? What if I smear some all over my belly and pussy and ask you to eat it off?
video: Sexy schoolgirl=)
I'm sick & tired of college & need some fun! watch me getting naughty in my schoolgirl uniform :-P

video: Silky stockings=)
usually i'm wearing typical teen underwear made of cotton but i love stockings and sexy lace lingerie too...
video: Bedroom fun=)
Wanna find out how it feels playing in one bed with Kaira? Watch this movie!

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